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Everyone sees the spring break and weekends as a time to catch up with all the chores that they have been putting off. But if the backlog is more than you can handle at the moment, hiring outside help is not a bad idea. Discover three things that you must not clean by yourself and let a professional take care of these tasks.

Green State Carpet Cleaning NYC brings you a great article on how to get more out of your investment in cleaning and have one less thing on your to-do list.


Things you Shouldn’t Clean by Yourself

No. 1: Windows

Depending on the type and number of windows you have, washing and cleaning them yourself can become a project for several days. A professional window cleaning service usually cleans your windows inside and out and cleans the bars and sill as part of the basic package. Some services even move furniture and protect the floors and surrounding surfaces free of charge. The total cost will be based on your location, the number of windows and any extra item like blinds or shutters that you also want to get cleaned.

Call two or three different cleaning services and compare their services and costs. Most of them offer free estimates. Then decide on the cleaning service you find most suitable for your needs.

No.2: Carpets

Deep cleaning your carpets is not a particularly easy task, even if you have bought a machine for this purpose. So once a year or so, it’s a good idea to call a professional carpet cleaning service.


No. 3: Hardwood Floors:

Hiring someone to thoroughly clean your hardwood floors gives you the opportunity to get them more deeply cleaned and polished than what you can do yourself with just a mop. Specialist in the trade of hardwood floor cleaning use a special machine, with a special product for wood, to gently scrub the floors and remove accumulated dirt, even from narrow cracks and crevices.There will be no need to leave the house or move your furniture. And the great part is that when the technician is done with the cleaning, he/she will apply a fresh layer of the ground enamel.


Remember, for any professional service you hire in your home, always ask for a written estimate that includes the work to be performed and the cost, a certificate of insurance policy and how the damage to your property will be handled, and a list of references from previous clients (call them!).

If you avoid cleaning these three things yourself, you will save a lot of time and get great professional results for your home.


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